People in your life

Who are blood relations

People in your life

Who would do anything to see you smile

People in your life

Who accept you for who you are

People in your life

Who love you, respect you, and who you can depend on

Family! That is the depiction

Sharing, guiding, bonding, caring

Fighting, crying, worrying, forgiving

All of these are happening

But there is one thing that is missing

It is the most important thing

And that is loving.



The light becomes so dark

Without you in my life

You’re the sunshine to my days

And even with my uneven ways.

Destined to pass through

You made my dream come true

But then each waves you take

Each promises you make

Every move you rake

Well, all of those were truly fake.

I love you unconditionally

But suddenly, boy you were just temporary

Can I beg you to please stay in love with me?

And forget everything that can ruin the so called “you and me”.

We are chased by the unending recklessness of our doings

A barrier was still on the line yet you did not bother

But then again, I hold unto you because you’re my definition of “feelings”

Because that barrier was my mother.

You disappeared so quickly

That I can’t process everything

I’m so down for the lost

The lost pieces of my heart that you bring.


I wrote your name in the sky
But th wind blew it away
I wrote your name in the sand
But the waves washed it away
I wrote your name in my heart
And forever it will stay

I think about you everyday

I plan out what to say

You have no idea, you have no clue

Just how much I think about you

I try not to stare, I try not to hide

I try not to show that I always lied

If I had told you before

You wouldn’t mind me no more

So I keep it a secret

But I wish I will not regret.